Russian village. Photos and pictures from provincial Russia
Village. Photos from provincial Russia  

Russian village. Photos and images from the Russian province


In the Russian provinces, there are many villages. Some villages are developing successfully, while others gradually become empty and remain without inhabitant. We show in our photos and pictures, some features of these settlements. You can see the streets, roads, homes and pets.

People in the Russian villages are engaged mainly in agriculture and animal husbandry. Almost all the villagers grow vegetables and fruits for household plots, and many of them contain the animals and birds (chickens, geese, cows, sheep and others). Please see these photos.

Photos of the Russian village


Here we see a photo of the old village in the province of Russia. Old houses, a dirt road. Young people trying to leave this village in the city.


Street in the Russian village. Photo by E. Ivanov.


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Images of animals from the Russian village


These photos show some examples of domestic animals, which include residents of Russian villages.

Village-6   Village-4

Young bull. Photo by E. Ivanov.


Horse grazing. Photo by E. Ivanov.



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Other photos of the Russian village


In the rich villages of the road made of asphalt or concrete. But this is not everywhere. You can see in the photo dirt roads, which are found in Russian villages often enough.


Rural roads. Photo by K. Vahonin.


These were photos of the Russian village. If you want to see more photos about life in the Russian provinces, then you can do this on other pages of our site. For example, a The Russian style of life, or the Provincial Russian women.


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